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Welcome to My 522 - Your One-Stop Location to Help Pass Labeling

This November we have an opportunity to make a real difference for Washington consumers: giving them the right to know what they’re eating and feeding their families.

Yes on 522 is working hard to build the momentum we need to win in November. And My Yes on 522 is a great way to help us gain even more momentum and raise the resources needed to withstand the attacks our opponents will launch at us.

By starting your own My Yes on 522 fundraising page you’ll be turning your family and friends into supporters of Yes on 522. First, you will tell them why you are passionate about labeling genetically engineered food. Then, you’ll talk to them about why they should get involved. And finally, you’ll ask them to make a contribution towards your fundraising goal.

Any amount you can raise on My Yes on 522 will make a difference towards labeling genetically engineered food in Washington State. And the money you raise will go to ensuring that Yes on 522 has the resources to win November.

Thank you